Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ourobouros Podcast #294 - Make Him Kill The Dog

1. Disaster In The Universe - Yugen (Telling Me All)
2. Remedy - My Metal Boots
3. Luceed - El-Xyr
4. Kick To Kill - Dreams
5. Cold In May - A Little Place For Hope
6. Wolfskill - Delphi

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Plastic Makes Perfect' by Ayria

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All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.


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  1. Podcasting is indeed more accepted, more of a mainstream thing than it ever has been in the past. But there are still technological hurdles that are too great for some to get over. And you'd think musicians wouldn't be in that technologically challenged group. Yet, many are. It's too bad as (obviously) podcasting can be a good promotional avenue for them. Oh, well.