Monday, 12 May 2014

Ourobouros Podcast #291 - Sky Giant

1. Zeistencroix - Strangers
2. YUCA - Where Are My Soldiers At?
3. Carry Illinois - Weakest Limb
4. Reinventing Jude - Smoke
5. Lavoy - Fool Proof Plan
6. J-Punch (ft. Dave Moonshine) - Nilobytes

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Plastic Makes Perfect' by Ayria

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All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.


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  1. I'm not against people having religious or spiritual beliefs. I am against people who want to codify their religion(s) into law. We see this kind of behavior too much here in the U.S. I hope it doesn't turn into a regular thing in England, too.