Saturday, 3 March 2012

Episode #213 Shownotes

PLEASE let me know what you thnk of the new direction (or is it a return to an old direction?) the show is going in. I know that some people like the talking and some people like the music, but hopefully I can still accomodate both types of 'fan'.

The ranting and talking will be continuing and hopefully in a more vehement way, because when I make the decision to dedicate a section of the show to a topic, you will know it's something I'm truly passioante about. Without the self-imposed pressure to always have two subjects of discussion hopefully the show will be more fun for both me and my listeners.

I'm also deadly serious about getting more audio feedback into the show. If you have something you want to send me, of whatever length, you can e-mail it to ourobouros.podcast[at]

As mentioned on the show The Dø's video is nice and weird. Also got a couple of other vids for you this week.

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