Sunday, 29 January 2012

Episode #209 Shownotes

I am furious at the moment.

Without any warning the site where I host my podcasting files,, has suspended my account and I am not the only one. It seems that my fellow music podcasters Erk, Pete Cogle and Rowley Cutler have also had their accounts suspended as well as many, many other users who I don't personally know. It appears that accounts who don't have advertising deals with Mevio had their accounts suspended on Friday without warning or explanation. E-mails to Mevio customer service have gone ignored. I've never been a big supporter or fan of Mevio, but used them simply because it was the simplest way to get free hosting. They've now lost me as a user and I shall be using to host my files from now on.

For once a pretty decent selection of videos this week. The one by Burning Shapes is particularly good.

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