Saturday, 17 September 2011

Episode #196 Shownotes

It is unfair to single out Karen Gillan (The Lickable One) for specific praise in the excellent Dr Who episode 'The Girl Who Waited'. Arthur Darvill was also superb and the dilemma that he finds himself in is heartbreakingly portrayed.

An interesting angle on Christopher Froome's amazing success in the Vuelta is the fact that in the middle stages he was working very hard for his team leader Bradley Wiggins. This is standard in professional cycling. It is impossible to win any major race without team mates sacrificing their own chances for the team leader. Wiggins went into the Vuelta as the clear leader of the Sky team and during the early mountain stages Froome was burying himself to help him. At one point Froome was even working for Wiggins while wearing the leaders jersey. It's an interesting question to ask if Froome hadn't worked so hard on those early mountains and subsequently lost time; would he have been able to save the 13 seconds he needed to win the race?

Three different types of videos for you this week. A produced promo, a professionally shot live performance and a high quality fan shot live performance.

Animal ShapesGeographer
"Kites" (mp3)
from "Animal Shapes"
(Tricycle Records)

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Ourobouros Podcast #196 - Moral Quandary

1. Everything Is Made In China - The City Of Airstrip One
2. Burning Shapes - Drop
3. Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey - The Only Ones
4. Plastic People - Nothing Is Eternal
5. Geographer - Kites
6. NastyNasty - Darling

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Episode #195 Shownotes

I think the primary thing I take away from this weeks episode of Dr Who is the fact that you can't watch it in isolation. It is definitely a transitional episode ticking off boxes in the arc plot.
A couple of smaller things that are worth mentioning are the return of young Amelia Pond played by Karen Gillan's cousin Caitlin Blackwood and the fact that Melz was black.
I love seeing young Amelia and the idea that she is the only person that the Doctor has no guilt about was great.
The fact that Melz apparently confirms the idea that time-lords, including The Doctor, can regenerate into different races is also great. This concept has probably been in the minds of the writers since the show returned, but it's nice to get a measure of confirmation.

I suppose I should give a fuller review of The Skin I Live In.
Given that it was directed by Almodovar and starred Banderas I was definitely intrigued. Add that to the basic plot of a star plastic surgeon who kidnaps a woman to perfect an artificial skin that would have saved his dead wife and I was sold going in. It looked like a psychological thriller kind of film that explores the stories and motivations behind this strange scenario. That's not what the film is like at all.
No-one in the film seems to act like a normal person should, even allowing for the fact that Antonio Banderas' character is obviously a sociopath. The best example of this is the fact that there are two scenes in the film that can broadly be called rape scenes. One of them is drastically underplayed and the other drastically overplayed. Neither woman's reaction rings true at all.
When the female lead, played by Elena Anaya, finally does start to behave as we expect her to, it's too late in the film. To be fair to her she's been given an almost impossible acting role by a twist that happens about half-way through the film. It's so outlandish that I'm not sure any actress could have pulled it off.

Since I talked about it, here's the Lucozade advert featuring The James Cleaver Quintet covering Buck Rogers by Feeder.

There's also a 'Making-Of' which shows the extraordinary lengths the band went to. It's a good cover and a good ad. I'm still upset that Buck Rogers is old enough to get covered though.

Three vids this week. A bizarre animated effort from Tahiti 80, a vocally challenged live performance from The Diction and a bizarre home-made live performance from XBloome.

Ourobouros Podcast #195 - A Beast Of A Mountain

1. Tahiti 80 - Easy
2. Blue Chandelier - Chrysalis
3. The Diction - Call It Revenge
4. U.N.S.I.N. - The Show
5. How To Destroy Angels - Parasite
6. XBloome - Mushroom

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.