Saturday, 29 January 2011

Episode #170 Shownotes

Again my discussions of film took the podcast over an hour. Sorry about that.

I really enjoyed The Kids Are All Right and now I've seen it I wish to retrospectively change my picks from my Best Films of 2010 podcast. I'd replace Aggeliki Papoulia with Julianne Moore from The Kids Are All Right as an honourable mention in the Best Actress category and the script for The Kids Are All Right written by Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg would get an honourable mention over Rian Johnson.

There are certain times when you wish there was an Academy Award for couples. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore act so well together that it's somehow unfair to have to pick one over the other. It's Bening who managed to get the Oscar nomination, but as I mentioned in the show my personal choice would marginally have been Moore. It's exactly the same situation as with Blue Valentine that I was talking about last week. What makes that film so special is the interaction Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have with each other. Picking one over the other is hard and it's Williams who's managed to get the Oscar nod, when if I had to pick I'd say that Gosling has marginally the stronger performance.

Clerks will forever have a place in my heart as the best example of home-made film making ever. All these years later Kevin Smith's antics have soured me on the person, but not the film. It's ironic that Sundance is the first time we'd ever heard about Kevin Smith when Clerks was shown in 1994. Now it's the celebrity Kevin Smith rather than the film-maker Kevin Smith who's making headlines. It's also worth noting that Sundance was where Darren Aronofsky first made waves, when he won best director for his debut film Pi in 1998.

Only two videos this week, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. The AWOLNATION video is a lovely slice of low-key, effective film making.

Ourobouros Podcast #170 - SModcast Cultists

1. New Collisions - Swift Destruction
2. Benjamin Hyatt - Unforgivable
3. Valter - All Is Lost Tonight
4. Tigger Clarkson - Lies & Confessions
5. Beth Thornley - You're So Pony

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Episode #169 Shownotes

It seems I ranted too long about film rating and went over the hour mark. Sorry for that if it bothers you.

It appears that most of This Film Is Not Yet Rated is available on YouTube. They have taken down some of the clips which deal with sex and nudity, but most of it is there. The section below starts with two things I talked about in the show. The white haired man talking at the start is Jack Valenti. 'Neither gods nor fools' seems to have been one of his stock phrases. In several interviews in the film he uses it again. The other relevant segment that is featured at the start of this clip is the split-screen section that brilliantly shows the different attitudes towards homosexual sex and heterosexual sex.

Whether you watch it through YouTube, or via more legitimate means, I urge you to watch the whole of this documentary. It's a brilliant piece of investigative film making that raises uncomfortable questions about the organisations that we allow to control our lives.

So the big announcement has been made. The Halfway Around The World podcast will be live tomorrow. The website is still a little bare bones, but to a certain extent everything is still 'under construction'. If you subscribe now by the end of the week you will have the first three shows co-hosted by me and Jen from Inside My Head and Gemini Dragon.

Not a great deal on the video front this week, but the AromaHue video is very nice. If a little confusing...

Ourobouros Podcast #169 - Violence Is OK

1. Josh Korry - Strange Faces
2. Talking To Walls - Running Out
3. Falcon - Say Goodbye
4. Atoms Inception - Delicate Illuminations
5. AromaHue - Closer
6. Year Of The Tiger - Make It Work

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Episode #168 Shownotes

I want to make my position on the Arizona shootings absolutely clear. I do not hold Sarah Palin directly or even necessarily indirectly responsible for the tragedy. Jared Loughner is a crazy person who more than likely would have tried to shoot someone anyway.

My problem is with the American political system where dangerous rhetoric like Sarah Palin's 'Hit List' is acceptable. The polarisation of the American political system is so extreme that whackjobs like the 'tea partiers' have a serious political voice and that is disheartening. It's broken and I fear it will never be fixed.

As I was recording this episode Colin Firth won the Critics' Choice award for Best Actor. He's also already been nominated for the Golden Globes which are announced tomorrow. Roll on the Oscars...

I think this is a first. For the first time in the nearly 4 years I have been producing this podcast there are no available videos for this show.

Ourobouros Podcast #168 - Blood Libel

1. Peter Block - Good To See You Gone
2. Lights On - Whisper
3. Waiting For June - I Want You Back
4. Sona - Nature's Way
5. FeelAbouT - Jail Back
6. [angelcrack] - Sleepless Again

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Episode #167 Shownotes

OK, so I didn't manage to get the show down to 45 mins, but it was under an hour and that was my main aim.

The main purpose of the character of The Doctor is that he travels in time. So integrating him into an archetypal story that depends on considerations of time was very clever. I should have had more faith in Steven Moffatt. He thrives on this kind of story that bends and warps time to create interesting ideas.

Not a bad selection of videos this week. As mentioned in the show the Superpitcher video is particularly beautiful.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ourobouros Podcast #167 - Most Common Topics

1. The Hush Now - Vietnam Giraffe
2. Unquiet Nights - Burning The Tracks
3. Islington Boys' Club - Pristine
4. Beryl Beloved - Foot Stuck Child
5. I Am Three - Changes
6. Superpitcher - Rabbits In A Hurry

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WMVP/Ourobouros Podcast Best Videos of 2010 Shownotes

Another year, another run down of my top 10 independent music videos. As ever there is a wide variety of styles and countries represented to demonstrate the invention and creativity that can be found in the promo medium world wide.

These videos are not in any 1-10 order, they were played in the order that they featured on the Ourobouros Podcast.

by Jean-Paul De Roover

From: Thunder Bay, Canada
Director: Shannon Lepere
Appears On: Ourobouros #129 & WMVP #49

What do you get if you have 600 band-aids and a girlfriend who's a photographer? If you're Canadian singer Jean-Paul De Roover you get an awesome video. They took 2022 still photographs of Jean-Paul being 'attacked' by band-aids and then edited them together to make a great stop-motion animated video. Stop-motion is time intensive, but a great, cheap way to make an effective video.

'T-T-Time' by The Paper Scissors

From: Sydney, Australia
Directors: Jamie Gerlach & The Band
Appears On: Ourobouros #129 & WMVP #51

This video is at the same time a lot of fun and surprisingly morbid. The premise is that The Paper Scissors are dead and auditions are held to replace them. The band got their friends to be the auditioners and each of them are monumentally inappropriate in various ways. It's one of those videos that looks like it was a lot of fun to make and takes a strange idea to a fun conclusion.

'Dinner For One' by Amity In Fame

From: Linz, Austria
Director: Michael Bichler
Appears On: Ourobouros #130

One for the furries here... On one level this is a very frivolous video, but dig deeper and it starts to make a serious point. The song talks about how the human race is so concerned with consumption that we are destroying the earth. The metaphor that director and band member Michael Bichler uses to illustrate this point is the band members dressing up as furry animals and playing an Austrian party game called Cutting Chocolate. However instead of winning chocolate to eat, the animals attempt to eat a human girl. The fact that they are unsuccessful makes the videos point for it.

'Jolie Coquine' by Caravan Palace

From: Paris, France
Director: Victor Haegelin
Appears On: Ourobouros #133 & WMVP #57

This video perfectly sums up the ethos of the band. Caravan Palace are a band that aims to update the swing-jazz music of '20s Paris, so the video for this track is an animation that takes posters from that period and melds them with cardboard representations of the band. It's a lot of fun and fits perfectly.

'Satisfied' by The Smoking Mirrors

From: Pacific Grove, California
Director: Michael Yanoska
Appears On: Ourobouros #143 & WMVP #50

A micro budget video that is all the more impressive when you know that Michael Yanoska was 18 when he performed and directed the video. Incredibly simple concept of arranging 10 TVs in a big circle and recording footage that moves seamlessly between them. The planning needed to make this video work is incredibly impressive, and while this video probably has the lowest production values of any on this list, it's still very visually impressive and entertaining.

'Unus' by Thisorder

From: Ischia, Italy
Director: Marco Bizzarro
Appears On: Ourobouros #149 & WMVP #53

This video takes the famous concept of The Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up' video directed by Jonas Akerlund and takes it to the max. Director Marco Bizzarro takes us on a POV journey for an Italian pimp as he goes about his nightly business. This is a violent, despicable video that uses cartoons to slightly undercut the nastiness.

'From Heroes To Angels' by Never A Hero

From: Sudbury, England
Director: Blaise Johal
Appears On: Ourobouros #154 & WMVP #59

Here we have a combination of exciting live performance and challenging story. A tormented girl finds the strength to fight back through the music and performance of Never A Hero. It's hard to pull off a good performance video and it's also hard to pull off a story based video. Here we have one that manages both.

'I Don't Believe You' by The Thermals

From: Portland, Oregon
Director: Whitey McConnaughy
Appears On: Ourobouros #161 & WMVP #60

As an apparently innocent woman, played by Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, wakes up and tries to turn off her alarm radio, the music keeps playing. So begins an examination of persecution and paranoia as she finds speakers hidden all over her house playing this track by The Thermals. It's a slightly cruel, but very interesting concept that makes for a cool video.

'Burn It Down' by AWOLNATION

From: Los Angeles, California
Director: Jeffrey Reed
Appears On: Ourobouros #161

A manic, exuberant video that nicely sums up the bizarre clash of styles that AWOLNATION has in it's music. We start in a court room where a judge, played by celebrity DJ and AWOLNATION remixer Samantha Ronson, asks AWOLNATION if he has anything to say. And so begins an insane video involving astronauts, mermaids, ninjas, cheerleaders and US TV presenter Willa Ford. Some videos are on this list for clever film making or original ideas. This video is on the list because it's an enormous amount of fun.

'Americanarama' by Hollerado

From: Manotick, Canada
Director: Greg Jardin
Appears On: Ourobouros #165

Another intricately planned one shot video that brings up images of old 8-Bit videos. Take 24 volunteers in a series of scaffolding boxes, give them a series of cards and let them become like an LCD screen. This video was shot in one take and supposedly they got it right on the 12th attempt. A brilliant video that highlights perfectly the ethos that you don't need a great deal of money to create a fantastic video.

As ever it was very difficult to whittle the list down to a final 10. Honourable mentions go to:

Girl In The Red Dress by Epyllion Directed by Eric St-Cyr
Not Sitting by Karoshi Directed by Nick Light
Tongue by MaJiKer Directed by Raphael Neal
All You by Oh No Not Stereo Directed by Matt Yang & Iain Harris
Stigmata by Omega Lithium Directed by Ivan Colic

WMVP/Ourobouros Podcast Best Videos of 2010

The 10 best videos for tracks that have been played on the Ourobouros Podcast in 2010.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ourobouros Podcast - 2010 Review Shownotes

Here's the 4th annual 'Best of the Year' show, as close to an institution as the Ourobouros Podcast gets.

As ever it was hard to whittle down the list to a final selection of 10 and some rules were enforced. Bands on this years 'Best Videos of the Year' show were excluded and so were bands who have split up.

Honourable mentions for a few bands who just missed the cut:

Checking Pulse - Best Girl [Played Episode #127]
The Kiara Elles (RIP) - Laser Shot [Played Episode #145]
Pareto - This Is Where I Draw The Line [Played Episode #125]
The Ropes - I Miss You Being Gone [Played Episode #140]
Venus In The Dust - Tiny Thoroughbred [Played Episode #127]

Thanks to the good people at IODA Promonet you have the opportunity to download one of this years tracks.

Realize The GhostSilver Swans
"Are You Really On My Side" (mp3)
from "Realize The Ghost"
(Tricycle Records)

Buy at Napster
Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Ourobouros Podcast - 2010 Review

1. Silver Swans - Are You Really On My Side [Played Episode #147]
2. Stevie And The Moon - Born Again [Played Episode #138]
3. Peter Block - Die A Little Everyday [Played Episode #162]
4. Doll & The Kicks - You Turn Up [Played Episode #151]
5. Talking To Walls - Came To You [Played Episode #166]
6. Sickhoose - TIA [Played Episode #135]
7. SkyBurnsRed - Human Malfunction [Played Episode #159]
8. Dommin - My Heart Your Hands [Played Episode #144]
9. Night Noise Team - Menolick [Played Episode #126]
10. Dearly Beloved - Acceptance Corporation [Played Episode #159]

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.