Saturday, 16 April 2011

Ourobouros Podcast #178 - A Globetrotting Podcast

1. Dark Souls Day - Dark Love
2. Benjamin Hyatt - Without You
3. AromaHue - Bloody Surprise
4. Tahiti 80 - Solitary Bizness
5. Unfactory - Sex & Fight
6. mind.area - Being Suffering

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.

1 comment:

  1. I listened to the first part of this episode right when it first came out.. but didn't get the chance to listen to the whole thing until now.

    "Dark Love" is such a fantastic track!

    I miss doing Halfway Around the World with you, but I completely understand why you decided to stop doing HATW, considering how you felt about things.

    And.. HATW will continue. I've been working on putting together Season Two ;)