Sunday, 12 December 2010

Best Films Shownotes

For the record here is a full rundown of my Best Films of the Year and my personal Oscars.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Directed & Co-Written by Edgar Wright
Co-Written by Michael Bacall

2. Kick-Ass

Directed & Co-Written by Matthew Vaughn
Co-Written by Jane Goldman

3. Inception

Directed & Written by Christopher Nolan

4. The Social Network

Directed by David Fincher
Written by Aaron Sorkin

5. The Brothers Bloom

Directed & Written by Rian Johnson

6. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev
Written by Nikolaj Arcel & Rasmus Heisterberg

7. How To Train Your Dragon

Directed & Co-Written by Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders
Co-Written by William Davies

8. Iron Man 2

Directed by Jon Favreau
Written by Justin Theroux

9. Exam

Directed & Written by Stuart Hazeldine

10. Up In The Air

Directed & Co-Written by Jason Reitman
Co-Written by Sheldon Turner

And here's a run down of my personal Oscars. It surprising how many of these are non-english speaking.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Honourable Mentions: Inception, Kick-Ass, The Social Network


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Honourable Mentions: Dogtooth, Mother, The Secrets In Their Eyes


How To Train Your Dragon

Honourable Mentions: Megamind, The Secret Of Kells, Toy Story 3


Andy Serkis (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)

Honourable Mentions: George Clooney (Up In The Air & The American), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Ryan Reynolds (Buried)


Hye-ja Kim (Mother)

Honourable Mentions: Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), Aggeliki Papoulia (Dogtooth), Noomi Rapace (The Millenium Trilogy)


Justin Timberlake (The Social Network)

Honourable Mentions: Javier Godino (The Secrets In Their Eyes), Bill Milner (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), Bin Won (Mother)


Rinko Kikuchi (The Brothers Bloom)

Honourable Mentions: Marion Cotillard (Inception), Marcia Gay Harden (Whip It), Soledad Villamil (The Secrets In Their Eyes)


Rodrigo Cortes (Buried)

Honourable Mentions: Anton Corbijn (The American), Gareth Edwards (Monsters), Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)


Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3)

Honourable Mentions: Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom), Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner (Up In The Air), Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

Colin's Best Films of 2010

In a departure from the usual Ourobouros Podcast, this episode runs down my 10 Best Films of the year as well as handing out some personal Oscars.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Episode #166 Shownotes

Here's the presentation video that The Daily Mail found so objectionable.

I think this wasn't the best idea to sell an international tournament. Emphasizing the Premier League instead of the national team isn't a great idea. However I don't think it was a mistake because it was 'Un-English' as the Daily Mail suggested. They're just a bunch of bigots masquerading as a national paper.

Since you probably didn't catch my 'statistical' analysis of the FIFA reports I'll reproduce it here. A reminder of how these rankings were compiled. FIFA classified each of the 16 categories they evaluated for each bid as 'Low Risk', 'Medium Risk' or 'High Risk'. For every 'Medium Risk' rating a bid got 1 point and for every 'High Risk' rating a bid got 3 points. The lowest scores are according to FIFA the bids that are best suited to host the tournament. Here's how they all stack up:

2018 Bids
Spain & Portugal 2Pts
England 2Pts
Russia 7Pts
Netherlands & Belgium 8Pts

2022 Bids
USA 2Pts
Australia 3Pts
Japan 3Pts
S. Korea 3Pts
Qatar 11Pts

If you take into account the fact that Russia had a category that was 'High Risk' and the Netherlands/Belgium bid did not, then by FIFA's own standards the 2 weakest bids ended up winning. A clear demonstration that lining their own pockets and a stupid determination for globalisation is more important to FIFA than providing a good tournament.

Judging by these reports the bids that should have won were Spain/Portugal and Australia. The US bid was slightly better than Australia's, but they hosted the tournament in 1994 and Australia have not hosted it yet. If globalisation is the goal, then Australia's bid was a better choice than Qatar's.

A lot of videos this week. Mostly live performances with a couple of pretty nice produced promos in the middle.

Ourobouros Podcast #166 - Collusion & Politicking

1. Talking To Walls - Came To You
2. Beth Thornley - Wash U Clean
3. Night Noise Team - Burning
4. Talk To Angels - Enemies Closer
5. RedTrack - The Trier
6. Android Lust - God In The Hole
7. KAV (Ft. Howard Marks) - Mr. Nice

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.