Saturday, 30 January 2010

Episode #128 Shownotes

Wow, that was a very long show. I guess that's what happens when I get talking about two things I am very passionate about, Dr. Who & Pillars of the Earth.

A variation on my dscussion about rewriting 'The End of Time' was submitted to the Television Zombies podcast as a commentary, so maybe you'll get to hear me rant twice.

Have a look at the TV adaptation of 'Pillars of The Earth'. They really seem to have got it right. Although the last time one of my favourite books was adapted they totally screwed it. An adaptation of 'Quite Ugly One Morning' by Christopher Brookmyre was terrible. They changed the sexual orientation of one of the major characters for goodness sake.

Also remember you only have 3 weeks to get your submissions into me for the 3rd anniversary show. Tell me the track and if at all possible record an introduction for the track. I've only got one submission in so far, but I also know quite well what Erk is going to submit, so let's call it two.

An interesting selection of videos this week. The MegaRex video is actually for the Portuguese language version of the song, but it's a really nice piece of work and the Oh No Not Stereo video is a masterful example of combining a performance video with some green-screen magic.

Ourobouros Podcast #128 - Rewriting Dr. Who

1. MegaRex -
2. All Found Out - Either Way
3. Oh No Not Stereo - All You
4. An Evening With - Luck & Cruel Intentions
5. The Kiara Elles - Supergroupie
6. Echolounge - The Same Routine
7. Eclectek - We Are Going To Eclecfunk Your Ass
8. MakeShift - Video Screams

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

WMVP/Ourobouros Podcast Best Videos of 2009 Shownotes

For this years Best of the Year show we have a diverse selection of musical styles, visual styles and countries of origin. Bands from Australia, Malta, Germany, Greece, Canada, England, Wales & America with animated videos, simple, cheap videos and a couple of well shot, bigger budget videos.

'Vitriol' by Bluejuice

From: Sydney, Australia

Director: Sam Bennetts

Appears On: Ourobouros #82 & WMVP #10

This is simply one of the funniest music videos I've come across. The band dresses up in flowing white robes and performs in a Sydney shopping mall. The crowd reactions makes this such an entertaining video to watch, particularly a bit of unexpected audience participation at the end of the video (check the reaction of the female dancer behind them). What tips this over into the realm of masterpiece is the mockumentary elements at the start of the video.

'Vertigo' by Rachael Sage

From: New York

Director: Joshua Katcher

Appears On: Ourobouros #86

While some of the videos in this episode were always going to be in the final selection, some came as a bit of a surprise. When I was making my choices I found myself returning to this video when I didn't really expect to. It's a beautifully shot video with a simple idea and bizarrely is one of two videos on this show which feature clowns.

'Not In A Million Lovers' by Beangrowers

From: St. Julian's, Malta

Director: Duncan Bone

Appears On: Ourobouros #88 & WMVP #17

This is possibly the most technically proficient video in this years selection. A series of still photographs allow singer Alison to lip-synch the song and also manages to tell a story. The song follows the end of a relationship and as the video progresses a series of boyfriends can be seen in the fringes of the photographs and they also overlap. Truly spectacular video.

'You Walk On Empty Streets Now (Part II)' by 2-L8

From: Salonika, Greece

Director: Vassilis Gogtzilas

Appears On: Ourobouros #91 & WMVP #19

A great example of what can be achieved with imagination, a green screen and some time. 2-L8 go on stage wearing Pierrot style clown make-up so this video is an extension of their persona as a male and female clown battle in increasingly bizarre ways in front of a background animated by comic book artist Gogtzilas.

'Cradle' by The Joy Formidable

From: Mold, Wales

Director: Neil James Drummond

Appears On: Ourobouros #102

What do you do with a bouncy, rocky track and no budget? A seesaw! An idea that is genius in its simplicity and a great visual experience

'Mr. Wobble's Nightmare' by Kid606

From: Berlin, Germany

Director: Joel Trussell

Appears On: Ourobouros #105 & WMVP #31

One of the funniest, most twisted videos I've ever seen. If for some bizarre reason you want to know what a fruit slasher film would look like, then this is the answer.

'Dear Dictator' by Saint Motel

From: Los Angeles, California

Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada

Appears On: Ourobouros #108 & WMVP #34

Very clever, well shot video as a single set is redressed during the course of the video to tell the story of a typical dictator. It doesn't hurt that the extras are women wearing their underwear, military helmets and boots.

'Cool In The Cool Way' by My First Earthquake

From: San Francisco, California

Director: Katie Gillum

Appears On: Ourobouros #112 & WMVP #36

The subtitle of this video is 'Invasion of the Hipster Bodysnatchers' and that pretty much says it all about this great tongue-in-cheek video. It seems to be one of those videos where everyone just had a lot of fun making it.

'My Friend Ship' by Roche Limit

From: Vancouver, Canada

Director: Dave Righton

Appears On: Ourobouros #113 & WMVP #37

This video is the epitome of what I'm trying to achieve with WMVP. It's a fantastic video made by the artist himself for zero budget. Dave Righton AKA Roche Limit made this entire video with a free Google program called Sketch Up. Initially he only wanted to make a storyboard animatic for the video using Sketch Up, but lioked what came out so much he ended up using the animatic as the video.

'The Unbeliever' by Middle Distance Runner

From: Washington, DC

Director: Maxwell Sorensen

Appears On: Ourobouros #122

As I was watching this great claymation video for the first time I thought it might be good enough to be featured on an episode of WMVP. Then something happened in the middle of the video that tipped it over into the realm of genius. I'm not going to say what that is so as many people as possible get that WTF moment the same way that I did. Trust me though, it's fantastic.

As ever it was hard to whittle the list down to a final 10. Honourable mentions go to:

'Fake It' by Brad Sucks

'Japanese Toy' by Cowboy X

'White Piano' by Dutchess

'Your Question Is Important' by The Haiku

'Sharp White Teeth' by Here Come The Birds

WMVP/Ourobouros Podcast Best Videos Of 2009

The 10 best videos for tracks that have been played on the Ourobouros Podcast in 2009.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Episode #127 Shownotes

Another reminder to my listeners to submit your favourite tracks for my upcoming 3rd anniversary show. Select a track, if possible record your own introduction and send it to me. Remember, I know where most of you live...

Really loving the new 'Being Human' series. For those particularly spoilerphobic skip between 27:12 and 33:16.

Not much on the video front this week.

Ourobouros Podcast #127 - A French Flavour

Minor spoilers for 'Being Human' between 27:12 and 33:16

1. Two Cow Garage - Bastards And Bridesmaids
2. Smoke Fish - Wake Up
3. Checking Pulse - Best Girl
4. White Clouds And Gunfire - Road To Ruin
5. Belladonna - Don't Be Fooled By The Romance
6. Venus In The Dust - Tiny Thoroughbred
7. Blind Divine - The Figurehead
8. Jordan Nix - Bacteria

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Episode #126 Shownotes

One thing I forgot to mention is to remind my listeners to select their favourite tracks for my third anniversary at the end of February. If you could also record an intro for me that would be super.

I want to reiterate my position that Christianity can be a source of personal growth, strength and solace. It can not be a source of change on a national and international level. Basically I'm saying individuals can be Christian and be better for it, countries and organizations can't.

If you think I distorted or flat out lied about Pat Robertson's statement then here is the original video.

I recommend you donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee (UK) or American Red Cross (US) to provide some genuine relief to the people of Haiti.

For the first time in a long time all 8 tracks have videos available on YouTube. Granted most of them are live poerformances, but for once the quality is good.

Ourobouros Podcast #126 - Personal Solace

1. Lights Out Dancing - The Narrator
2. Dead World Leaders - A Life More Ordinary
3. Corduroy - Nicolas Cage
4. Night Noise Team - Menolick
5. Sixty Second Silence - Hinterland
6. Spiral Beach - Domino
7. 835 - Slapdash
8. MaJiKer - Tongue

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Episode #125 Shownotes

It's occurred to me that I neglected to talk about Dr. Who. This is a horrendous omission that will be rectified next week. If I remember...

Please consider what you would like to hear again on the 3rd Anniversary show for the end of February. If you could possibly also record your own introduction that would be fantastic.

Pretty good selection of videos this week. The Ink Dot Boy video is particularly twisted.

Ourobouros Podcast #125 - Master Of The Phrase 'Bollocks'

1. Little Fish - Darling Dear
2. Ink Dot Boy - The Red Symphony
3. Serotonin - Apologies To You
4. Transit Studio - Still Rocking On The West Side
5. Pareto - This Is Where I Draw The Line
6. Theskylife - Spinning Around
7. Middle Distance Runner - The Fury
8. Retrigger - That Is The Way The Cookie Crumbles

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ourobouros Podcast - 2009 Review Shownotes

Here's the 3rd annual 'Best of the Year' show. A little bit late, but still awesome.

As ever it was hard to whittle down the list to a final selection of 10 and some rules were enforced. Bands on this years 'Best Videos of the Year' show were excluded and so were bands who have split up.

Honourable mentions for a few bands who just missed the cut:

Attack Ships On Fire - Let Me Be (Played Episode #116)
Dead World Leaders - House Of Frauds (Played Episode #118)
I Am Darkwater - I Know, Now You Know It (Played Episode #119)
The Lolligags (RIP) - Merry Go Round (Played Episode #82)
Tieton Drive - Undone (Played Episode #102)

Ourobouros Podcast - 2009 Review


1. Goldishack Guerrillas (ft. Rush Limbaugh) - Lazy Fat Stupid American (Played Episode #85)

2. Transit Studio - Somebody Noble (Played Episode #93)

3. Scarlet Grey - No Boys In The Ballroom (Played Episode #114)

4. The Cold Rush - Never (Played Episode #117)

5. Take Aim Fire - Pretty Brutal (Played Episode #88)

6. Kidnapper Bell - The Great Outdoors (Played Episode #105)

7. Frozen Inertia - Picking Up Where Billy Joel Left Off (Played Episode #116)

8. I Hate This Place - Falling For (Played Episode #103)

9. The A-B Theory - Fatal Flaw Attractions (Played Episode #110)

10. Duwende - Someone You Don't Know (Played Episode #107)

The Intro Music is an excerpt from 'Somebody Noble' by Transit Studio

All songs used with permission or are available under Creative Commons licenses.