Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ourobouros Podcast - A New Era Beginning

This is basically an announcement podcast about the changes that are coming to this show.

It will continue with my traditional 'Best Track' and 'Best Video' podcasts in the 1st week in January. Subscribe using the links on the right.

Also in this show I briefly talk about the PodCrawl yesterday and the reasons I'm leaving AMP.

This was only going to be a verbal announcement podcast, but one of the tracks that nearly made the cut as one of my 10 tracks of the year seemed very appropriate to play in this show.

Attack Ships On Fire - Let Me Be

As always the intro music is an excerpt of Put You In Your Place by The Sunshine Underground

Friday, 20 November 2009

Ourobouros Podcast - Possibly My Last Show

This is NOT my last show, but I need something to set up the new feed and it seems ironically appropriate to use this one to kick it off.

New Beginnings

So here's the new home of the Ourobouros Podcast. I think it's pretty good.

Since I've been doing this for very nearly 3 years I'm not going to transfer all my old shows onto the new page. I just don't have the patience.

That does not mean that those shows are gone forever. Here is an Archive Feed that has every episode back to episode #58 available on it. Right click to save the link and add it to your podcatcher of choice.

If you really want to go back further even older episodes can be found at my Mevio page.

New shows will be available on the new feed you can see to the right.